Legionella Risk Assessment

A potentially fatal illness, Legionnaires Disease has pneumonia-like symptoms. It occurs widely in water systems where the temperature is warm enough for the Legionella bacteria to thrive. The disease is caught by inhaling small droplets of infected water suspended in the air. Water that is stored or recirculated is particularly prone to harbouring Legionella bacteria.

Landlords of residential accommodation have responsibilities for combating Legionnaires Disease. They need to establish if water installations or systems on the premises might give rise to a risk of Legionella bacteria being present.

We can provide a risk assessment to ensure that you have carried out your obligations. If a risk is identified, we will be able to deal with the issues so that you comply with the requirements and more importantly, keep the occupants safe from potential infection.

More detailed advice in the available in the Health and Safety Executive's document. GUIDANCE ON LEGIONNAIRES DISEASE (PDF download)

For further information please visit the Health & Safety Executive website

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Legionella Risk Assessment
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