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Does my central heating system need power flushing?

Power Flushing EquipmentOver time central heating systems build up deposits of calcium sludge and oxides. Severe build-up of these deposits means there could indicate that air is getting into the central heating system, which will also cause radiators and heat exchangers to corrode and can damage pumps and motorised valves. Radiators can develop pin holes and the resultant leaks of the oily black sludge can lead to damages carpets and flooring. .

Blockages slow down the transfer of heat which can lead to severe damage to pipes, valves and heating controls, which can even lead to the need for a replacement boiler.

Whenever a boiler is replaced it is necessary to carry out flushing of the system to prevent contaminants from damaging the new boiler. Failure to do so could lead to early failure of the new boiler and will invalidate the warranty.

If you have any concerns we will be pleased to assess the condition of your central heating system. You can be assured that we will only recommend power flushing if it is necessary but, if the system hasn't been flushed out for some years it is almost certain to benefit from power flushing.

Some indicators that the system might be in need of power flushing :

Benefits gained from power flushing

Our power flushing services are priced competitively and come with a full guarantee.

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